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Welcome to the official website (the “Website”) of the Bureau of Industrial Parks, MOEA. To allow you to use various services and information of the Website worry-free, we hereby provide the description of our policy to protect your interest; please read the following content in detail:

※Scope of Application
1.The privacy policy applies to practices related to personal data collection, processing, utilization, and protection when you are in the course of using the service.
2.The privacy policy does not apply to relevant linked websites other than the Website, and does not apply to personnel who are not engaged by the Website or who do not participate in the management.

※Type of Data Collected, Collection Purpose, and Using Method To provide the optimized interactive services for you on the Website, we may require you to provide your relevant personal data. The scope is as follows:
1.When you browse the Website or download files, we will not collect any personal identification data related to you. For online services provided by the Website, you will be required to provide your name, ID number, contact number, e-mail, contact address, and other latest and true personal data according to the service demands. Personnel data collected by the Website will be used within the scope of business stated by the Export Processing Zone Administration, MOEA, or under the specifications of mutual utilization according to the law. Except for otherwise required by the law, no data will be used for purposes other than the particular purpose for the collection.
2.Furthermore, when you are using the service e-mail or other interactive functions, the Website will save your name, ID number, e-mail, contact method, and time of use. When you are browsing or inquiring about the webpage data, the Website will also save relevant records generated by the server, including the IP address of the connection equipment that you use, the time of use, and browsing and clicking data. Such data will be provided to the Website for investigation and analysis of internal website flow and behaviors, for the benefit of improving the service quality of the Website. No data mapping or analysis will be made for individual users.

※Personal Data Sharing Policy
Except for the following circumstances, the Administration will not require you to share your personal data with any third party:
1.Necessary cooperation with the juridical authority that requires the Service to disclose the particular personal data through legal and formal procedures due to public safety or the security considerations for all users of the Service.
2.Those agreed by you.

※Using Period and Region of Personal Data
The Website is entitled to preserve, use, process, or transmit the personal data acquired for particular purposes or within the scope of permission under laws and regulations. Except for announcements otherwise made on the webpage for the service items or the termination of the website services, the data will be permanently preserved due to the abovementioned collection purpose, and the region of use shall be within the Republic of China. The Website will protect the security of all personal data by using reasonable technologies and procedures as much as possible.

※Security System of the Website
The Website will spare no effort in establishing comprehensive security protection measures, using software/hardware to establish the network security system, and carrying out weak spot screening and repair for system loopholes for the host of the website from time to time. The Website has also installed the network record and analysis system to detect the abnormal record and information of the network. For destructive behaviors or abnormal behaviors that intend to invade the server’s host, obstructions will be made according to relevant security specifications subject to the reporting procedures of the Administration.

※Use of Cookies
1.Cookies are brief information recorded in users’ drives for identifying users by the information system. In the description of the browser operations, you may understand how to accept or reject cookies. If you choose to reject, you will not be able to use partial service items on the Website.
2.Cookies recorded by the Website do not include data that is sufficient to identify the user; instead, the cookies record data related to personal services set by users on the webpage.
3.The server of the Website may only access the activity log of users’ cookies on the Website and may not access the activity log of users on other websites.

※Self-protection Measures
Please duly protect your password or any personal data and do not provide any personal data, in particular, password, to any party. After completing your tasks upon logging into the system, please log out. If you are sharing a computer with others or using public computers, please remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal data.

※Amendments to Privacy Protection Policy
The Website will amend and publish the policy statement from time to time in response to the changes of the social environment and legal requirements, or the advances of technologies; latest technologies and regulations will be adopted to protect your online privacy as possible; please browse the policy at any time to protect your interests.

※Contact Channel for Personal Data Protection
The handler of the Operational Information Section under the Administration is the contact unit for personal data protection; it accepts personal data complaint, appeal, and leakage cases, and is responsible for the coordination and contact for personal data protection operations; please use the following channels for contact:

Contact Number for Personal Data Protection:(07)361-1212#133
Appeal E-mail for Personal Data Protection: