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Kaohsiung Linkuang Technology Industrial Park

A technology industrial park possessing functions of manufacturing, R&D, and environmental protection at the same time

In 1999, in response to the promotion of the Asia-Pacific Operating Center Project by the government, the Export Processing Zone Administration cooperated with the development of the sea transportation center and the air transportation center to develop related industries with features near the airport and the port. Therefore, the Executive Yuan included the initial “Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Plaza,” under the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, into the export processing zone, and renamed the zone “Linkuang Export Processing Park.” In 2021, it was renamed “Kaohsiung Linkuang Technology Industrial Park.”

The Park has an elegant environment and comprehensive facilities. The rental for land is low, with cheap leases and selling prices of factories. The Park possesses sufficient water and power, and safe environment, and suppliers are entitled to the tax preferences. Providing services of unified rights of affairs, it is a technology industrial park with a premium investment environment.

Delicate Building – Build the New Model for Industrial Production Factories
[Planning Features]
1. Structural Design
The structure is calculated in precision by professional structural engineers, and it complies with the national safety standards.
The floor load design for the first and second floors is 1,500kg/m2, and 1,000kg/m2 for basements and the standard stories.

2. Building Summary
Structure: Made with reinforced concrete
External wall: Metal and glass curtain wall
Land use and zoning: Buildings A, B, and C are standard factories, and building D is the service center
Floor area: The ground floor of approximately 121,477 m2 and the basement of approximately 30,448 m2
Height of each floor: 4M
Number of entrants: 223 companies
Factory area: Approximately 500 m2/company on average
Basement indoor parking lot: 500 cars
Outdoor container truck parking space: 16 cars
Elevator: 23 elevators for passengers and 10 elevators for cargo

3. Space Allocation
The height of each floor is 4 m, and the net height from the floor to the beam bottom is approximately 3.3 m.
The interval between RC pillars is 9M, with the large-span design adopted. The forward-looking spatial allocation may flexibly make partitions or expansion and allow easy production scheduling and equipment installation.

4. Loading/Unloading Cargo
There are 16 external parking spaces for container trucks. Unloading platforms are 0.9 m higher than the floor and are arranged at the cargo elevators of each building for trucks to stop by and unload cargo easily, saving human labor for moving cargo.

5. Human-Cargo Traffic Route Separation
The entrance/exit of cargo is made through the ring zone 16M road, and trucks may directly stop by the unloading platform.
Personnel may directly access the workplace through the atrium trails and basement.
The traffic route for vehicle access is smooth and easy, spacious, and convenient.

6. Afforestation of Landscape
The afforestation and landscaping to the Park’s atrium create the overflowing joy of life and provide a comfortable working and leisure environment for employees.

7. Service Center
The Park has various meeting rooms with comprehensive video/audio equipment and convenient stores for the industrial sector to organize research development achievement presentations, educational training, and business meetings.

Prime Section
[Geographical Location]
“Linkuang Technology Industrial Park” is located at the cross-section between Xinsheng Road(新生路) and Yugang Road(漁港路), Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City, with high ways, Kaohsiung Port Container Center, Kaohsiung International Airport, and Kaohsiung Metro Caoya Station in its vicinity, controlling the communications hub for the land, sea, and air traffic and possessing an outstanding industrial location condition.

Rich Industrial Resources
[Human Resource]
The active scope for the labor force of the Park covers Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung counties and cities. Sun Yat-sen University, Cheng Kung University, and relevant institutes of technology within the region may provide sufficient outstanding talent; therefore, there is no risk related to the insufficiency of human resources.

[Industrial Relationship]
Kaohsiung Cianjhen Technology Industrial Park commits to promoting industries related to LCD and LED as the key industries. So far, there are multiple large-scale LCD and LED companies, and relevant suppliers of parts and components have made investments and entered the Park. It is hoped that a comprehensive industrial system may be built through the cluster effect to reduce the production costs of suppliers and create a premium environment.