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Governmental Website Open Data Declaration

※Authorization Method and Scope
For all sectors to utilize data on the website, the scope of all data and elements published on the website of Bureau of Industrial Parks, MOEA, that shall be protected by copyright may be provided to the public for use by way of reauthorization free of charge on a non-exclusive basis; users may reproduce, alter, edit, publicly transmit or use the data and elements in other methods without any limitation on time or region to develop various products or services (the “Value-added Derivative”). The act of authorization will not be withdrawn subsequently, and users are not required to otherwise obtain the authorization in writing or other means from the Administration; however, upon usage, please state the source.

※Description of Relevant Matters:
1.The scope of authorization merely covers the scope being protected by copyrights, which excludes other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and the marks of the Administration.
2.Regarding whether the personal information disclosed by the parties involved or according to laws and regulations may be collected, processed, and used; users shall plan and execute corresponding measures required by the law according to the regulations under the Personal Data Protection Act.
3.Partial audio/video, images, scores, articles by specialists or projects, or other works may be used by those being approved by the Administration after the Administration has made any particular declarations.

※Please be aware that the moral right of any third party shall not be infringed (including the right to name presentation and the right to prohibit improper alteration).

※For data and elements provided by using the authorization, the relevant information may not be altered in bad faith. When the information displayed after being used is not consistent with the initial data and elements, the user shall be held responsible for all civil and criminal responsibilities.

※The authorization of the website does not grant users the status of recommending, recognizing, participating, or agreeing upon the Value-added Derivative on behalf of the Administration.