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Bureau of Industrial Parks, Ministry of Economic Affairs manages all national technology industrial parks, including affairs regarding park development, investment attraction, corporate guidance, and environmental sustainability. The bureau covers an extensive area of up to 33,000 hectares, encompassing over 75% of the national industrial land. Four branches including Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung Branch offer real-time services to collaborated with businesses. Our various services aim to achieve the commitment of optimizing the quality of the operating environment and promoting industrial expansion.


1. The Foundation of Park Expansion
(1) Technology Industrial Park (former export processing zone):
In 1966, The first EPZ (export processing zone) in the world was established in Cianjhen District in Kaohsiung. As the very first EPZ in Taiwan, it integrates the Free Trade Zone and the Industrial Zone together, promoting the single contact system, tax incentives, streamlined customs procedures, and land leasing only agreements. The EPZ has successfully achieved four main objectives including expanding foreign trade, attracting industrial investments, introducing cutting-edge technology, and increasing employment opportunities. It has made significant contributions to the ‘Taiwan Economic Miracle.’
The EPZ was renamed to highlight the successful transformation and the high-tech capabilities of the industries. The Ministry of Economic Affairs assisted on the related affairs and the renaming ceremony was held on March 28, 2023, by the Premier Su Tseng-chang. At present, the Technology Industrial Park has developed into a cluster of high-value-added industries, including semiconductor packaging and testing, displays, optics, electronics, information software, and digital content.
(2) Technology Industrial Park (former industrial zone):
In 1960, the Executive Yuan announced the implementation of the Investment Incentive Act to promote industrial expansion and private investment. Furthermore, detailed Investment Incentive regulations were announced to provide a better production environment for industries, serving as a legal framework for the development of industrial zones. In 1970, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) was founded with the Industrial Parks Division. A foundation was also established to promote the development of the industrial zone.
Currently, the park serves as a crucial cornerstone of Taiwan's industrial development, with approximately 13,000 collaborated businesses operating, employing around 730,000 people, and contributing to a total output value of approximately NTD 9 trillion. Its significant contributions greatly enhance Taiwan’s economic growth and employment prosperity. In 2010, the Industrial Zone was officially upgraded to the Industrial Park for its contribution in accordance with Statute for Industrial Innovation. Till this day, the Park has formed high-valued industrial clusters in different cities.
2. A New Transformation in Organization
In 2023, the Executive Yuan initiated organizational restructuring, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and its affiliated agencies officially unveiled the new bureau on September 26th. To create a more friendly investment environment, the two aforementioned industrial parks, the EPZ Administration and the Industrial Parks Division of Industrial Development Bureau, were merged as “Bureau of Industrial Parks (BIP).”
After its establishment, the BIP aims to attract more investment and leverage the strengths of both authorities. In the future, the BIP will adhere to the vision of smart, secure, and sustainable and strive to achieve objectives, such as providing high-quality spaces and business upgrading, implementing low-carbon sustainability, promoting smart services, and creating a happy workplace for all. These efforts aim to continuously drive regional expansion through the park, fostering economic prosperity.