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“Chenggong Logistics Park” is located in the Chenggong Zone of the Technology Industrial Park (which is also in the Kaohsiung Multi-function Economic and Trade Park), with the address at No.4, Chenggong 2nd Rd., Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan, R.O.C.; the area of the base is approximately 4.62 hectares (the investment attraction for the planned phase II lands is undergoing). The Park combines multiple functions of storage and logistics, tallying and processing, transfer, international meeting hall, exhibition center, and business center. There are parking spaces available in the Park (200 each for cars and motorbikes) and is only approximately 5 minutes away from Dream Mall and LRT Dream Mall Station and approximately 15 minutes from Kaohsiung Metro Kaisyuan Station (1.4km) on foot.

Service Item and Content Provided
The investment attraction items in the Park are as follows:

1.Set the superficies for the 3.52 hectares of Park Phase II lands for lease by tender.

2.The office/exhibition/factory office area is approximately 3,100 pings, which may be flexibly partitioned according to customers’ demands, suitable for those requiring corporate offices and factory offices.

3.The storage area is approximately 4,000 pings, which may be flexibly partitioned according to customers’ demands, suitable for those requiring a large-scale logistics warehouse or heightened space or venue.

4.International meeting hall – amphitheater meeting hall that accommodates 473 persons

Logistic Service Items and Content:

Service Item Service Content
Warehousing management Stripping/loading processing, intake inspection, picking, sorting, tallying, return processing, and inventory management
Distribution process Labeling and packaging alteration
Commissioned delivery services Domestic delivery, domestic transportation, cargo transfer, and foreign container transportation
Commissioned export custom declaration Container affairs (container towing, seal removal, container inspection, weighing, inspection declaration), and customs declaration.
Bonded business: Bonded custom clearance for storage, stripping/loading containers, loading/unloading vehicles, warehouse intake/output, and other logistics services, warehouse rental, storage place rental.
Cargo safety Monitoring cameras are installed at the operating docks, entrance/exit, cargo elevators of parks to monitor the loading/unloading operations of cargo.

1.Access control is established for the entrance/exit to control the entrance/exit of staff and cargo.

2.The tallying area has the smoke discharge, water spraying, and emergency lighting equipment, and fire protection inspections are conducted regularly to ensure the safety of cargo.

3.The gate of the Park has 24 hours security staff to control the access of personal and cargo.

4.Trustee responsibility insurance, fire (together with earthquake, typhoon, and flood) insurance.