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Organizational Responsibilities
Strategic Planning Section
◆ Plan expansion strategies of the park and the industrial harbors.
◆ Plan development and updated strategies.
◆ Manage the formulation, coordination, control, assessment, and consolidation of annual policy directions and administrative plans, as well as the compilation of administrative results.
◆ Plan and implement congressional and media PR affairs.
Program Management Section
◆ Plan and implement efficient and innovative services of the park.
◆ Manage regulatory self-evaluation of Ministries and Yuans and schedule key meetings and events.
◆ Compile Ministerial meeting reports and evaluation documents.
◆ Track and control overseas reports, public petitions (including Director-General’s Mailbox), designated cases, and hotlines for various services.
Legal Affairs Section
◆ Manage draft, establishment, or amendment of park regulations.
◆ Handle the appeal, review, and collaborative management of park legal cases.
◆ Manage legal cases involving the park.
◆ Collect, compile, and manage related information and matters regarding park regulations and the authority.

Land Development and Planning Section
◆ Plan, review and promote projects regarding the park and industrial harbors setting and land use change project.
◆ Review and provide guidance of park designation, alteration, and abolition.
◆ Analyze different environmental impact assessments and of the park.
Land Administration Section
◆ Manage the rental and sale systems of land and buildings in the park.
◆ Identify, verify, and calculate the park development costs.
◆ Report rental, sale, or transfer of private plant in the park.
◆ Draft land management regulations of the park.
Land Development and Engineering Section
◆ Execute and supervise the park development plan.
◆ Develop and supervise the park renewal plan.
◆ Manage the maintenance of public facilities in the park.
◆ Design the construction plan of geographic information system for the public pipeline in the park.
◆ Execute and supervise the construction management business in the Technology Industrial Park.

Investment Attraction Section
◆ Plan and implement the overall investment strategy and services of the park.
◆ Manage the park investment coordination and overcome investment barriers.
◆ Review investment affairs.
◆ Manage the park investment and trade business research, statistical analysis, and investigation and assessment affairs.
Operational Guidance Section
◆ Manage international collaboration, and liaison and guidance for sectors in the park.
◆ Plan, promote, coordinate, and implement bonded affairs and taxation matters in the park.
◆ Plan and implement trade and business affairs in the park.
◆ Plan and expand external trades and provide guidance for industrial transformation.
Innovation and Development Section
◆ Plan and implement innovative R&D approaches to increase added values of industrial clusters for the park.
◆ Manage talent growth of the park, industry-academy cooperation, and industrial expansion.
◆ Manage coordination, communication, and guidance between collaborated businesses, organizations, and the park.
◆ Supervise foundation affairs and the matters of the industrial association in the park.
◆ Manage specific industry agencies associated with the central government.
◆ Provide assistance for local authorities to promote industrial expansion.

Integrated Management Section
◆ Plan and implement operational strategies of the park and the industrial harbors.
◆ Coordinate affairs regarding power, telecommunications, water supply, and other public utilities in the park.
◆ Supervise, coordinate, and implement affairs regarding in-park police, security, transportation, fire protection, public health, environmental sanitation, and other public welfare matters.
◆ Plan, supervise, and evaluate the business of the park management and operating units.
Finance Management Section
◆ Control financial planning, management, and capital movement of park funds.
◆ Review, design, and implement regulations related to maintenance and rental rates for public facilities in the park.
◆ Design and implement regulations regarding statistical lists of management fees, land rents, and construction fees for public facilities in the park.
◆ Collect and compile charged fees.
◆ Compile issues to be addressed for meetings of shareholders of funds invested in other companies.
Information Technology Section
◆ Design, establish, and manage the park information communication system.
◆ Coordinate and promote the data application business and services of the park.
◆ Plan, promote, implement, and maintain management and supervision of park information and communication security.

Environmental Management Section
◆ Plan, promote, and supervise the affairs regarding water pollution control in the park.
◆ Plan, promote, and supervise the use of the sewerage system and review related fees in the park.
◆ Plan, promote and supervise the affairs regarding soil and groundwater pollution control in the park.
◆ Plan, promote and supervise waste disposal in the park.
Sustainable Development Section
◆ Supervise the follow-up of the environmental impact assessment of the park.
◆ Plan, promote and supervise the affairs regarding energy saving, carbon reduction, water saving, and water recycling in the park.
◆ Plan, promote and supervise park sustainability promotion affairs.
◆ Plan, promote, and supervise the affairs regarding sustainable issues and environmental education.
◆ Review the affairs regarding air pollution control and approval, and proposals of business waste management and cleanup in the park.
Industrial Safety and Labor Affairs Section
◆ Plan, promote and supervise the industrial safety notification (including natural disasters) and regional joint prevention systems.
◆ Provide guidance on occupational safety and health related business in the park.
◆ Plan, promote and supervise the promotion of Labor Standards Act or other related regulations in the park.
◆ Plan, promote, supervise, and implement labor inspection and labor administration in the park.
◆ Promote and supervise labor group subsidy affairs in the park.