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※For the purpose of website security and to ensure that the service may continue to be provided to all network users, the website provides the following security protection measures:
1.Use the network invasion detection system and monitor network flow to confirm those who intend to upload or alter webpage information without authorization or do intentional damage.
2.Set up firewalls to prevent illegal invasion, destruction, or the theft or damage of data, to prevent the website from being illegally used and protect users’ interests.
3.Install anti-virus software for regular virus scans to provide a safer webpage browsing environment to users.
4.Carry out backup operations on a daily basis to backup all data to the backup host.
5.Automatically receive the security repair notice from relevant operating systems and install appropriate patches.

Please duly protect your password and all personal data; do not provide any of your personal data, in particular, your password, to any party. After completing the online application, please log out. If you are sharing a computer with others or using public computers, please remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal data.

※Amendments to the Security Policy
Due to the rapid development of technology and unforeseeable elements of environmental changes in the future, before the comprehensive establishment of regulations, the Administration will amend the description of the security policy provided on the website according to the requirements to realize our purpose of protecting your network safety. Whenever the Administration completes the amendment to the security policy, we will immediately publish it on our website and remind you to visit for browsing by using bold markings.

※Security Policy Consultation
For any inquiry regarding the security policy of the website, feel free to contact us at any time.