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Taichung Port Technology Industrial Park

Aiming at promoting Taiwan to become an “Asia-Pacific Regional Operation Center” and expanding the capacity of export and post-processing, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan established the Chungkang Export(台中港) Processing Zone (CEPZ) in the Taichung Port in 1997. CEPZ serves as a center of multinational operation, cooperation, and logistics as well as bridges domestic and international production lines. CEPZ also enhances Taiwan’s competitiveness in science and technology. To extend the functions of logistics and increase the added value of products, CEPZ integrates the manufacturing with the logistics, warehousing, packing/unpacking, processing, assembly, certification, labeling, packaging, and delivery. In addition, CEPZ leads the growth of fields in R&D, design, finance, international trade, customs clearance, insurance and other related industries. Furthermore, CEPZ strives to become the “Value-Added Industrial Park for Global Operations”.

CEPZ, surrounded by Wuqi Main Drainage(吳起總渠), Anliang Harbor Main Drainage(安良港總渠), Lingang Road(臨港路), and Zhongnan 1st Road(中南一路), is located at the Taichung Port Warehouse and Transshipment Area. The Taichung Port is located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region. Traveling time from the Taichung Port to 6 major ports around is just 54 hours. The distance between the Taichung Port to Fuzhou(福州) and Xiamen(廈門) are only 151 and 135 nautical miles (6 hours to 7 hours) respectively. Therefore, CEPZ is connected by a convenient land, sea, and air transportation system. From CEPZ, it takes 15 minutes to National Highway No. 3, 20 minutes to the Taichung International Airport, and 35 minutes to High-Speed Rail Station by car.

Two major industries of CEPZ are Optoelectronics and Precision Machinery. The value of output in two industries is around 70 % of CEPZ’s total, and the total investment is around 50 % of CEPZ’s total. Upstream and downstream manufacturers and suppliers of enterprises in CEPZ are located in “Central Taiwan Science Park”, “Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park”, and “Taichung Industrial Park”. With the promotion of the 5+2 plan by government, CEPZ will build a complete supply chain of science, optoelectronics, smart machinery, and the Internet of Things in Central Taiwan.

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