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The Bureau of Industrial Parks held a joint inspection of Technology Industrial Parks to strengthen industrial safety supervision and establish a secure operational environment.

On January 11, 2024, the Bureau of Industrial Parks of MOEA reported to the Premier at the 49th meeting of the Central Disaster Prevention and Rescue Council on the overall improvement measures. The Premier instructed that joint inspections have been implemented by the MOEA and should be continuously improved. Additionally, pending the completion of legislation to increase penalties, relevant departments are urged to collaborate to enhance autonomous corporate management and conduct joint drills with industries and local governments, utilize the optimized chemical cloud functionality to identify high-risk factories, and implement joint inspections to improve factory safety management.
To grasp the nationwide improvement of factory safety, on January 17, the Executive Yuan, led by Minister Without Portfolio Wu Ze-Chen and Zhang Zi-Jing, along with relevant units from the Executive Yuan’s Disaster Prevention Office, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Environment, and Kaohsiung City Government’s Economic Development, Labor Standards Inspection, Fire, and Environmental Protection, visited the Nanzih Industrial Park under the jurisdiction of the BIP. They randomly selected Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd.’s semiconductor packaging and testing plant to inspect the implementation of autonomous management of hazardous materials. Based on the results, the chemicals in the plant have been properly declared on the MOEA’s hazardous materials declaration platform and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Ministry of Labor’s Chemicals Permit and Report Platform. The on-site labeling of public hazardous materials complies with relevant provisions of the Fire Services Act. The Executive Yuan noted that the four-pronged improvement measures, including inventory, management, inspection, and drills, have shown initial success.
Through the integrated management mechanism for factory safety, the BIP identified factories within Technology Industrial Parks suspected of having unreported hazardous materials. Utilizing inspection and review forms, they checked the compliance of regulations related to reporting, autonomous management, and drills in factory management, chemical management, toxic substances, and building management. In the Technology Industrial Parks, 44 inspections have been conducted so far, with identified deficiencies requiring prompt improvement by the factories.
The BIP stated that it will follow the Executive Yuan’s instructions in the future, continue to conduct joint inspections, and roll out the results to continuously review and improve management practices. This approach will be extended to other parks to achieve the ultimate goal of zero occupational safety incidents in the parks

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