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Welcome the Year of the Dragon, the New Year Labor-Management-Government banquet of the Technology Industrial Parks creates a new atmosphere.

To express gratitude for the support from various enterprises, the Bureau of Industrial Parks (BIP) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the “2024 Bureau of Industrial Parks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs New Year Labor-Management-Government banquet for Kaohsiung-Pingtung Area” on March 5, 2024. Representatives from both labor and management of the industrial parks in Tainan and Kaohsiung-Pingtung, legislators, and professionals from various sectors attended the event, with over 400 distinguished guests gathering to celebrate.
The BIP Director-General Yang, Po-Keng, stated that the Bureau, formed by the merger of the original Export Processing Zone Administration and Industrial Parks Division of the Industrial Development Bureau, covers over 75% of industrial land nationwide. In the future, BIP will actively promote the transformation towards smart and low-carbon industries by leveraging the unique industrial clusters in various parks. Through a three-pronged approach of “integration of software and hardware,” “talent cultivation,” and “co-create and verification,” BIP aims to expand the application of AI technology, accelerate smart upgrades, and provide detailed guidance for enterprises in the parks through energy-saving and carbon reduction counseling teams. BIP is committed to bridging the resource gap and cultivating talents for low-carbon transformation. It also hopes to promote positive interactions between labor, management, and government by organizing social gatherings, and jointly create a better investment environment and a happier workplace.
Furthermore, the inaugural “Work-Home Harmony Friendly Enterprise Award” was presented by the BIP Director-General Yang at the banquet. BIP would like to thank six companies including ASE Electronics, Canon Taiwan, Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Chungkang Branch, Data Systems Consulting Co., Ltd. Taichung Branch, Honley Auto, and Laser Tek Taiwan Co., Ltd. for their efforts in promoting “flexible work”, “family-friendly”, “employee care”, etc. It provides several measures that are superior to laws and regulations at all levels, hoping to encourage more enterprises in the parks to invest enthusiasm and creativity to create happy and friendly parks.
The BIP emphasized that the development of Technology Industrial Parks has entered a new phase. BIP will adopt “smart, safe, and sustainable” as its policy vision, actively implement the five major tasks of “providing quality spaces, counseling enterprises upgrades, implementing low-carbon safety, promoting smart services, and creating a friendly workplace,” to jointly promote the development and prosperity of the parks.

Spokesman: Mr. Liu Chi Chuan (Deputy Director General, BIP)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613349, 0911363680

Contact Person: Bai, Yi-Ling (The Employee Service Center)
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